Hanging and care of your trophy                    

  • Use a lag screw at a slight angle downward into a stud
  • Don't hang your mount in direct sunlight
  • Placing mount near direct heat ie fireplace or heater will cause damage
  • Dust with a feather duster on a regular basis, go with the direction of the hair/feathers/scales
  • Never use a vacuum to clean your trophy
  • Enjoy your memories on the wall for years to come
Proper Field Care for Wild Game

  •   Cut the skin well behind the shoulders on large game
  •   Handle gently.
  •   Keep blood off the cape or hide.

  •  Expose specimen to excessive heat, such as hood or trunk of vehicle.
  •  Expose to direct sunlight.
  •  Cut the throat
  •  Skin out small mammals, birds, or large game heads.
  •  Handle roughly.
  •  Salt capes or hides.

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